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WildLog is a software application that is aimed at helping you manage your wildlife sightings. The main focus of the program is to provide a database to manage all your nature based observations. WildLog also allows you to export your observations for processing and analyses by other applications.

WildLog is a versatile application that can help you keep track of what animals you saw while on holiday, your birding life list or even help organise your camera trapping photo collection. The Bulk Import feature makes importing photographs from your camera traps and field trips much easier and less time consuming. WildLog also has built in support to easily share your observations on iNaturalist.

Download the WildLog Application:

All the latest WildLog downloads can be found over here: 

Or choose one of the download links below.
  • For Windows it is recommended to use WildLog.v6.2.1.Full.Setup.msi
    • The full installer has Java 14 bundled with it and does not need an additional external installation of Java to be able to run. It also comes bundled with two fast and convenient media viewer (JPEGView and Media Player Classic - Home Cinema). The use of the bundled media players can be enabled/disabled from the Settings menu.
    • If you don't want to install the application, then the portable zip  archive can be used instead. Simply extract the zip archive and run the application from anywhere, for example your flash drive or external hard drive. This version also comes bundled with Java 14 and the media players. No installation is needed.
  • For any platform use WildLog v6.2.1 (Java not included).
    • If the cross platform zip file is used, then Java 15 needs to be installed on the system as well. You can extract the archive to any location and launch the application from there.
    • On Windows you can start the application using the .exe or .bat file.
    • On Linux you can start the application using the file.
    • On MacOS you can start the application using the wildlog_mac.command file.
      • The application has not been tested on MacOS.
  • For only the User Guide use WildLog v6 User Guide.pdf

Licensing and Ownership:

At this point in time WildLog is made available free of charge.

Reselling the application, in any way, is not allowed without my (Henry de Lange) consent, as I own all applicable rights (copyright, etc.) with regard to the application itself.

Ownership (copyright, etc.) of the work/data generated while using the WildLog application (more-or-less everything in the Workspace folder) is owned by the user (you) and can be licensed or sold as desired.

Please see the included license agreements for more details regarding licenses for WildLog and the third party tools used by the application.

Please contact me if you experience any problems or have any questions.

Use at own risk.

Support, Questions and Comments:

You are welcome to email me at if you have any questions or feedback.

Minimum System Requirements:

WildLog is a Java based program and requires Java 14 or later to be present on the system. Note that the msi and portable zip versions comes bundled with Java 14 and does not require an additional installation.

See the WildLog User Guide (bundled with the application, or downloadable separately) for more details.