14 January 2017

Releasing WildLog v4.4.0

The new version of WildLog v4.4.0 can be downloaded over here.

Major changes:
  • This new version includes a number of improvements under the hood, to the code base.
  • One of the biggest differences to previous versions is that files uploaded into the WildLog Workspace will now be stored in a cleaner folder structure. Files linked to Observations will also now be renamed to reflect the date of the Observation. It is recommended to run the "Check and Clean the Workspace" task from the Application menu, to apply the new structure to existing data.
  • WildLog can now be (optionally) bundled with third party media viewers, when using the Full installer, that should in most cases provide a major improvement over the default applications used before. The JPEGView application will be used for images, and for movies the Media Player Classic - Home Cinema application will be used. If you don't want to use these media viewers then simply disable the feature from the Settings menu inside WildLog to continue using your default media viewers, or download the Basic installer.
  • A feature (under the Advanced menu) has been added to reduce the size of the images stored in the Worksapce. This can be done for specific Creatures, Places and View Ratings. This can be useful to try and keep a Workspace small without having to delete any images.
  • There has also been a number of smaller fixes and improvements.