14 April 2018

Releasing WildLog v5.1.1

The new version of WildLog v5.1.1 can be downloaded over here.

Major changes:
  • Lots of small improvements to the iNaturalist integration.
  • Photos can now be cropped inside the WildLog application from the Browse tab and iNaturalist upload popup.
  • Added a bulk edit option on the Observations tab to allow easy editing of multiple observations at the same time.
  • Tables will now remember their sort order when navigating back to the a window or closing a popup.

09 December 2017

Releasing WildLog v5.1.0

The new version of WildLog v5.1.0 can be downloaded over here.

Major changes:
  • Added the ability to upload and download observations from iNaturalist.
  • The tooltip on Reports that use a line chart can now show the data for all overlapping points.
  • A few small user interface enhancements, bug fixes and code improvements.
WildNote v1.4 is also now available. It contains a fix to prevent the error message showing when importing the data into WildLog.

05 July 2017

Releasing WildLog v5.0.0

The new version of WildLog v5.0.0 can be downloaded over here.

Major changes:

  • Bulk Import: It is now possible to set the sex and umber of individuals directly from the Bulk Import user interface.
  • Bulk Import: Improved the performance when moving Files between Observations with huge amount of linked Files.
  • Core: The time of an Observation can now be specified to second precision.
  • Core: Improvements to the Check and Clean Workspace feature to make it faster and perform more checks.
  • Core: Added a menu item to easily restore a previously backed-up database.
  • Browse: Files can now be uploaded from the Browse view.
  • GPS: Made improvements to the way the GPS popup works.
  • Slideshows: Added PowerPoint and PDF slideshow options.
  • Exports: Added new export options, including the ability to export to Excel format.
  • Reports: Added new reports and enhanced existing reports.
  • Reports: Visual improvements to the reports, such as larger labels, etc.
  • Reports: The reports can now be configured to use one of the three available Creature names.
  • Maps: Added more option to the online heat distribution maps to help with more accurate interpretation of the maps.
  • Maps: Added zoom buttons for the offline maps.
  • Maps: Added an identify button for the offline maps to show information about the selected map elements.
  • Maps: Added new biome offline maps.
  • Maps: Offline maps can now be styled. Also improved the default style of bundled offline maps.
  • Other: Various small user interface enhancements, bug fixes and code improvements.