03 July 2018

Releasing WildLog v5.1.2

The new version of WildLog v5.1.2 can be downloaded over here.

Minor changes:
  • Fixed a problem with importing iNaturalist observations without a time (for example records created by the iSpot data transfer).
  • Added a field to record the specific GPS accuracy.

14 April 2018

Releasing WildLog v5.1.1

The new version of WildLog v5.1.1 can be downloaded over here.

Major changes:
  • Lots of small improvements to the iNaturalist integration.
  • Photos can now be cropped inside the WildLog application from the Browse tab and iNaturalist upload popup.
  • Added a bulk edit option on the Observations tab to allow easy editing of multiple observations at the same time.
  • Tables will now remember their sort order when navigating back to the a window or closing a popup.

09 December 2017

Releasing WildLog v5.1.0

The new version of WildLog v5.1.0 can be downloaded over here.

Major changes:
  • Added the ability to upload and download observations from iNaturalist.
  • The tooltip on Reports that use a line chart can now show the data for all overlapping points.
  • A few small user interface enhancements, bug fixes and code improvements.
WildNote v1.4 is also now available. It contains a fix to prevent the error message showing when importing the data into WildLog.