The following MyWild applications are available for download:

  • WildLog
    • WildLog is a desktop application that helps you keep track of your wildlife sightings and photos. It is particularly useful for organizing camera trap data.
    • Download WildLog
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Other Software:

  • WildNote
    • WildNote is a mobile application developed for Android that allows you to quickly capture observation records and export the data into WildLog.
    • Download WildNote
    • More info
  • SnailSafe
    • SnailSafe is a desktop application to help keep track of your passwords. All passwords saved in SnailSafe are encrypted for security. There is also a mobile application (for Android) that allows you to access your passwords from your phone.
    • Download SnailSafe
    • More info
  • IDGenerator
    • A small opensource tool to generate SA ID Numbers. Useful for testing other systems.
    • Download IDGenerator