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About WildLog

WildLog is a software application that helps you to record your wildlife observations in a database. Whether you use it for your personal collection, a research project or for conservation purposes, WildLog can add value to the way you look at your biological data.

WildLog is not a "scientific tool", but it does provide some useful and interesting features for an amateur nature lover. I hope it can also find a home in a more experienced biologist's toolbox. The wide variety of reports, maps and export formats provided by WildLog makes it an excellent teaching tool.

Examples of how WildLog can be used:
  • Keep track of your personal wildlife sightings.
  • Gain insight into your observation records via the built in reports and maps.
  • Keep record of sightings of rare animals for future reverence.
  • Organise and manage camera trap data using the Bulk Import feature.
  • Capture survey data and export it for processing with other scientific tools.
  • Build up a life list of when and where you saw any animal, bird, reptile, etc.

WildLog History:

WildLog is a "hobby project" which I work on in my spare time. I started developing WildLog in 2007 and since then it has steadily grown into what it is today. Because of this "organic growth" some features might be a little awkward, but I hope that the application as a whole can be useful and valuable to users other than myself. I use it extensively to keep track of my own personal wildlife collection.

Some of the features available in WildLog:
  • Keep track of all your wildlife observations in one database, or use multiple workspaces to organise your data.
  • Show geo-referenced wildlife (animal, mammal, bird, fish, plant, insect, etc.) sightings on an online or offline map.
  • Easily link photographs, videos and other files to your data.
  • Browse your entire database and linked files in a tree structure.
  • View reports of your data. For example: species accumulation graphs, number of sightings per species, etc.
  • Automatically determine the phase of the sun and moon at the time of the observation.
  • Export data to CSV (Excel, ArcView,etc.), HTML (web browser) and KML (Google Earth, ArcView, etc.).
  • Create video slideshows of photographs.
  • No internet connection is required. (Online and offline maps are available.)
  • Take WildLog with you. You can load Workspaces from external drives (for example flash drives). You can even copy the entire application and data to your flash drive and run it from there, no installation required.
  • Run WildLog on almost any computer. WildLog is developed on top of Java 7 and should run on any operating system that supports Java 7. This includes Windows XP and higher, Linux (Ubuntu or similar) and Mac (10.7.3 and above).
  • View distribution maps for creatures. You can even overlay your observations on top of official distribution maps. (Distribution maps requires external data to be present in the workspace folder. See the User Manual for more help.)
  • Automatically read the date and GPS data from a JPEG image's EXIF metadata. (This works for all the formats I'm aware off. Please contact me if some of your files are not loaded correctly.)
  • Many more features! WildLog is a work in progress, so there is always something new on the horizon.

User Guide:

Please have a look at the WildLog User Guide if you are interested in a basic overview of the application.


Below are some screenshots of the application.