16 July 2019

Releasing WildLog v6.0.4

The new version of WildLog v6.0.4 can be downloaded over here.

For WildLog v6 I made a huge amount of changes in the background to enable WildLog to better keep track of Creatures, Places and Periods across workspaces. The result of which is much better experience when using some of the advanced features, such as import/export.

Many of the changes and new features are thanks to WEI. They approached me a few months ago asking me to do some custom development for them. They now use two custom versions of WildLog with extra features (for administrators and data capturers respectively) to help them work with their camera trap data.

Major changes:
  • Restructuring of the database.
    • WARNING:
      • Due to these changes the upgrade process might be slow for existing large workspaces.
      • A number of fields were removed from Creatures and Places, due to them not really being used much.
  • Improvements to the import and export processes.
  • Improved the iNaturalist integration.
  • It is now possible to crop images from the Browse tab.
  • A new backup feature has been added called Echo Backup, which can be used to make backing up the entire workspace much easier.
  • Added a new grid view to the Observations tab which will show all filtered Observations as images.
  • Initial "experimental" support has been added to sync workspaces to cloud storage from within WildLog.
  • Some quality of life improvements to the way offline maps work.
  • Many more small changes, fixes and improvements!