05 July 2017

Releasing WildLog v5.0.0

The new version of WildLog v5.0.0 can be downloaded over here.

Major changes:

  • Bulk Import: It is now possible to set the sex and umber of individuals directly from the Bulk Import user interface.
  • Bulk Import: Improved the performance when moving Files between Observations with huge amount of linked Files.
  • Core: The time of an Observation can now be specified to second precision.
  • Core: Improvements to the Check and Clean Workspace feature to make it faster and perform more checks.
  • Core: Added a menu item to easily restore a previously backed-up database.
  • Browse: Files can now be uploaded from the Browse view.
  • GPS: Made improvements to the way the GPS popup works.
  • Slideshows: Added PowerPoint and PDF slideshow options.
  • Exports: Added new export options, including the ability to export to Excel format.
  • Reports: Added new reports and enhanced existing reports.
  • Reports: Visual improvements to the reports, such as larger labels, etc.
  • Reports: The reports can now be configured to use one of the three available Creature names.
  • Maps: Added more option to the online heat distribution maps to help with more accurate interpretation of the maps.
  • Maps: Added zoom buttons for the offline maps.
  • Maps: Added an identify button for the offline maps to show information about the selected map elements.
  • Maps: Added new biome offline maps.
  • Maps: Offline maps can now be styled. Also improved the default style of bundled offline maps.
  • Other: Various small user interface enhancements, bug fixes and code improvements.

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